What makes a building green ?

green building 

A green building or self sustainable building is not only one that may have lots of green parks or lush green gardens. These are the buildings that are self sufficient in terms of water, in terms of energy efficiency, and which do not eliminate lots of waste while having environment friendly options. The following components could be a great help in making a building green and energy efficient.

Environment friendly construction material and site management:

Environment friendly construction material and site management:

A green or sustainable building needs to take on a green approach, right from its inception phase. The use of industrial material and recycled construction material could be the best suitable option for constructing a green building. The natural habitat of the site is maintained and valuable land is exploited to the minimum.

Water management:

Greywater Treatment systemRain water harvesting



Water is precious and its demand is never going to decrease. For a green building, it is important to understand the critical of the situation and take a step towards its conservation and re utilization. The flow of water in a green building is designed in such a way that the dependency on fresh water is minimum while the outflow of water is negligible. Fresh water is collected from rain and used further. Used water in the form of greywater and blackwater is treated on site for reuse. This process closes the loop of water flow within the building. One can also consider water recycling for garden work.




Use of energy

The green building is designed to fulfill its need of energy within itself by using environment friendly products and manage the energy efficiently. Below, we have given you some of the products that can be classified separately:



Solar Equipment:
solar water heatersolar panel

Solar panels generate power for the building and for running its electrical equipment. These panels harness the solar energy that can be used at buildings. Solar water heaters are used to get running hot water without adding burden on electricity bills. Similar to solar panels, these also use solar energy to heat up the water for use in the building. Solar lights for illuminating the building. With proper planning one can use these lights for indoor as well as outdoor portions of the building. Solar products can also be used to maintain the temperature of the buildings. These products run on solar energy thus reduces the load on the electricity supply and minimizes the utility bills.

Use of daylight
The buildings are designed in such a way that they use the daylight to its maximum to avoid power consumption on lighting the building to minimum.
Energy star products:
Energy star product

The electronic equipment used in the building are labelled with energy star for saving on electricity.
Good air quality in the building:
Good air quality in the building:


Green buildings are designed in such a way that proper air ventilation keeps the bad, smoky and stale air out of the building and a regular flow of fresh air keeps circulating in the building. Environment friendly equipment are installed in the building to ensure that harmful gases do not occupy the building and impact the residents.

Waste management:
Waste is an integral part of the building. For a green building, the waste discharged from the building should be treated within the building for further use or its disposal in an environment friendly way. The waste of construction, deconstruction, and day-to-day waste should be reduced, reused and recycled.
The future of green building is really green. As these buildings stand a class apart from regular buildings, and are of great value to the owner. These buildings not only keep the utility bills at minimum but are so environment friendly that it helps to save our mother nature.


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