Breath of Fresh Air



Living in metropolitan cities often entails getting constantly choked by fumes and toxic emissions. We can call it the norm in the sophisticated urbanized world or simply term it pollution at its worst. Continued exposure to such harsh living conditions leaves most everyone drained, and this is not just at the end of the day either. Many people complain of fatigue and stress all through the day, even beginning as early as a couple of hours after rising from bed.


The frequency of disorders like anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, stress and migraine is rising at an alarming rate. Research shows there is evidence that suggests that our bodies can develop immunity against the harmful effects of urbanization simply by breathing in fresh air right from the nature. Not only does this relieve conditions like stress but it also improves the cognitive functions of the brain.

Now, there rises the question, how can one live in the city and have access to air filled with the goodness of nature. Well, if we can’t live amidst the nature, then let’s bring plants and the nature closer to us. One can do this by planting a kitchen garden, arranging flower pots and opting for lush green landscaping to transform ones homes and work spaces. Do away with concrete and welcome rich soil for growing the green cover. Plant saplings and conserve trees.

And if you don’t want to go through that hassle, Sanicon brings you a solution with Initia. Initia is beautiful integration of nature’s goodness, bringing together the wild abandon of waterfalls and lush majestic of plants. It is simply a picture of your imagination. It could be a vertical green wall with water curtains, a water fountain with plants, or even a portable fountain that runs of waste water from your sinks, water purifiers (ROs) and air conditioners (ACs).

Initia is based on the ideology that running water calms our brains and soothes our nerves whereas the lush green plants purify the air and create an ambiance of harmony. Together, this helps in improving our sleep cycle and creating a positive aura within our living spaces, be it your home or office. What are you waiting for? Freshen up the air you breathe in. Book yours today.


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Why Sanicon Sustainability Solution

Green buildings are considered as elites. Something not meant for the public at large. They are considered as expensive to design and maintain. Sanicon Sustainability Solutions was set up to offer budget friendly sustainable housing solutions. Our designs aim to find the balance between homebuilding and sustainable environment. With green buildings, give your home a revolutionary advantage. Optimize your space with Sanicon Sustainability Solutions’ pocket friendly options to economize and maximize the utility, durability, and comfort.