Benefits of Water Recycling for Business Owners

Despite availability of water, an increasing number of legal notices and warnings have been recently issued to building owners. Amid this outcry for water preservation, we overlook the huge amounts of water wasted simply because it is regarded as grey water from domestic and industrial processes. However, recycling water has huge long term benefits for business owners. Some of these are discussed below;

Water recycling

1. Compliance with laws –
Recent amendments and notifications by National Green Tribunal (NGT) has restricted discharge of untreated waste water into our water bodies. Failure to comply these laws may be detrimental to business reputation.

2. Reduces social & monetary costs – Not only does recycling water save cost of sourcing fresh water from mains but it also reduces the business’ footprint by reducing the social costs of the business to society. This helps in preventing harmful pollutants from entering the water bodies.

3. Efficient system – Water recycling is an efficient way to manage the supply and demand in accordance with the quantity and quality of water required for industrial use by passive means and thus eliminating the need for automation of processes.

Sanicon Sustainability Solutions works with clients to install a comprehensive water recycling system at both pre and post construction phase to encourage efficient reuse of recycled water in the businesses. If you have any questions or would like to get more information, feel free to consult us at #ContactNumber.9810858062

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