• Rainwater Harvesting in Urban India


      Rainwater harvesting is a basic system that can be possible with low innovation, low to moderate costs and is applicable even at a small-scale with a minimum of specific knowledge. The collected water can supplement general water sources when they turn out to be scarce or are of low quality. Additionally, it is a decent substitute in times of dry season or when the underground water level drops. This innovation is versatile to a more extensive assortment of conditions from wealthiest to the poorest societies, as well as from the wettest to the driest region. The fundamental idea: The example chart of rainwa

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  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Water


        Most of the sustainable or green movements focus on three R’s; reduce, reuse and recycle. In general terms, it means to minimize the wastage, reuse the available resources to the maximum and recycle the waste. These three R’s are equally important in term of water. In today’s scenario, where water is becoming a global concern and the world sees a widespread drought in the near future while some places are facing the drought in current situations, it is very important for us to follow the path of three R’s for the well being of our planet and our generations. In this post, we will und

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  • Why are we focusing on rainwater harvesting.


    Let us accept it. We are confronting water emergency and the circumstance is going to intensify later on. The expansion in populace, development in the industrial and farming division has expanded the interest for freshwater exponentially. Various techniques are taken after to gather the freshwater. Building reservoirs, dams, reuse the utilized water, desalination plants, burrowing wells or gathering rainwater. Out of all, the rainwater harvesting is a very prominent strategy for gathering new water. Rainwater is the known source of freshwater other than glaciers and means recharging necessities of almost 75 percent of

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  • How is Water Recycling an answer to our water crisis?


    Today water recycling is considered the key to our water crisis. With great breakthroughs in all the areas of science, we have come to a conclusion that only self sustaining and holistic solutions are the way to go forward for a secure future. One of the areas that has been focused globally over the past few years is Water Management which stresses on Waste Water Treatment and Water Recycling. Water Management is essential for our survival as we have a limited supply of potable water on the planet and with deforestation, the rate of replenishment of this resource has deteriorated disastrously over the past decades. Every

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