• City Roads Flooding & Rainwater Harvesting !!!


      Leading to the conclusion from my point of view expresses earlier in the post (Deep bore well design and Rainwater Harvesting) and subsequent solutions that I offered as an alternative to deep borewell technology (Rain Water Harvesting- Deep Borewell Design and Its Alternative), I would like to share my idea further to carry out the same in any city or a highway. While adopting these concept we can be assured of the following: 1. Been Implementable without any additional money / budget for groundwater recharge / rainwater harvesting. Rather it would save on the raw material such as cement and crushed stone.

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  • Rain Water Harvesting- Deep Borewell Design and Its Alternative !!!


    Continuing from the last week post (Deep bore well design and Rainwater Harvesting) which discussed why Deep Bore-well Design (DBD) may not be the right choice, this week we would discuss how Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) be uncomplicated without been easy to maintain as well. The very first flaw that this design has is that it tends to concentrate the entire rainfall over a concentrated area. So the moment concentrate rains, you are also concentrating the pollution, the acids washed by rains, the silt accumulated and so on. However When nature does it, the rains is spread out and not stacked like a water gushing out of a h

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Why Sanicon Sustainability Solution

Green buildings are considered as elites. Something not meant for the public at large. They are considered as expensive to design and maintain. Sanicon Sustainability Solutions was set up to offer budget friendly sustainable housing solutions. Our designs aim to find the balance between homebuilding and sustainable environment. With green buildings, give your home a revolutionary advantage. Optimize your space with Sanicon Sustainability Solutions’ pocket friendly options to economize and maximize the utility, durability, and comfort.