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savewater save earth 


23rd March is the World Meteorological Day. An annual event celebrated by 191 meteorological organization members worldwide as well as the worldwide meteorological communities using a particular chosen theme for that particular year. World Meteorological Organization was established to keep constant watch on the weather and climate changes for a better life and future. The theme for this year is Clouds.

Clouds play a huge role in constant development of our ecosystems. After long spells of drought, farmers know the importance of clouds. After disastrous flooding, the victims of flood know the power of clouds. After working on sustainable living solutions for years, we, at Sanicon, understand the fragile balance between water and clouds.

71% of the Earth is water, but only 3% of that water is freshwater fit for human consumption. Billions of people across the globe live with water scarcity, and yet the largest source of fresh water is rain. The rain, we often take for granted, is a valuable resource and gift of nature that can be collected using simple techniques like rainwater harvesting. Like a funnel, a network of channels and troughs collect rainwater and feed it to the underground water tables. This water can then be pumped when required.

We can also minimize the demand for fresh water to reduce the burden on our existing resources by employing water recycling methods, viz. dual plumbing, passive STP, hydroponics, landscaping and even zero water buildings. Most of these methods recycle the grey water from your sinks, kitchen, laundry, A/Cs, ROs, and even non potable water from bathrooms to water the plants, gardens and perform routine cleaning activities.

For those living in urban cities, Sanicon recently launched a unique product, Initia. You can bring the nature to your living and work spaces with soothing waterfalls and lush vertical green walls for a positive aura and pleasant view with Initia, a brilliant combination of water fountains and plants. Plants and flora in turn help to boost the amount of rainfall, thus feeding the cycle of clouds and rain. 

This 23rd March, Let’s celebrate green living and lifestyles. This World Meteorological Day, Let’s pledge to save water. Let’s pledge to save Earth.


Make a stand to save water for our future generations. Book your free sustainability consultation with Sanicon professionals today.

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