On the Verge of a Water Crisis

 On the Verge of a Water Crisis

Although there is abundant supply of water, the ground reality remains that we are on the verge of a great water crisis. We have depleted natural fresh water sources such as ground water with excess use and misuse. Despite more than 70% of Earth’s surface being covered by water, majority of this is in the oceans. This salty ocean water is not fit for consumption.

Humans have moved towards urban areas and encouraged practices like deforestation, swamp reclamation and industrial growth at the expense of natural green cover. This has led to a drastic decrease in the amount of rainfall received in many parts of the world. The irony is that rain is a major source of fresh water and not only are we taking steps that have led to the reduction in rainfall, but we also let the what little rain we receive go to waste.

If every one of us puts in place rain harvesting systems, we can restore the ground water levels in a matter of a few years. This will not only subvert the looming water crisis, but also increase the soil fertility and quality, thereby boosting agriculture produce. We can also employ a green and sustainable lifestyle by recycling water for the gardens and other activities like laundry, mopping, washing the car etc.

Encourage children to close the tap when brushing their teeth. This will reduce wastage of water from running taps and you can simply turn on the tap when you need the water. Recycle water from non potable activities. You can also use a dual plumbing mechanism for this. Repair leaking pipes and dripping taps as soon as you detect them. Every drop counts and millions of gallons of water is lost every year from dripping taps. Always be on the lookout for leakages. Use a shower instead of taking a bath daily since a bath tub requires a lot more water than a shower.

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