Initia vertical wall of green plants and water curtain



Stress is the root cause of numerous health issues. Our brain perceives it as a threat. A city life is breeding ground for negative traits viz. anxiety, annoyance, loneliness, insecurity and stress. Researchers have evidence that exposure to nature, however brief, can help to immunize our brains against the effects of urban stress and can also improve cognitive function.

A city should have at least 15% forest cover in order to provide a healthy and sustainable life to its residents. In India, land is a scarce and expensive, making it difficult to achieve in the near future. As a result, the rising levels of pollution in the air and water have become an issue of concern. Our sense of belonging to nature hasn't diminished, but it has been suffocated as we get caught in the cycle of development at the expense of nature rather than development sustainable with nature.

The slow whooshing and rumbling sound of water calms our brain, soothes our nerves and helps us to achieve a peaceful sleep. If this running water is in midst of lush green plants, the evolution of nature into your homes and work spaces in the form of Initia. Initia is a revolutionary way to experience the love of nature despite the constraints of city life and improve the health and well being of loved ones.

Initia is a vertical wall of green plants and water curtain. It feeds on the wastewater from the sink, washbasin, domestic RO & condensation from air conditioning units. This wastewater is treated to remove impurities and odor, and then a water curtain is generated out of it.

• Indoor air is passed through this water curtain thus reducing the composition of harmful PM2.5 in the air you breathe.

• Green plants absorbs nutrients such as nitrates and potash present in the water and flourish while breaking down VOC's, absorbing CO and generating oxygen.

• The byproduct is treated water, which can be utilized again for non potable application such as evaporation cooling, flushing or cleaning.

• Alternatively, we can grow tomatoes and thus grow food as well as breathe fresher air.

• All of this is done while incurring the cost of ₹10 per day on electricity consumption.

• It provides a source of negative ions, which increase the body’s supply of serotonin thus alleviating stress, depression and fatigue on reaching the bloodstream.

• The soothing sound suppresses irritating noises such as traffic or keyboard, and creates positive vibes and energy field in your living space by connecting you to the nature right in the middle of your living or work space.

• A plethora of options are available in multiple colors, metallic and wooden finish, and separate units that can be hanged on any wall and become an inherent part of the wall to create ambiance of harmony.



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