City Roads Flooding & Rainwater Harvesting !!!

 Rainwater Harvesting

Leading to the conclusion from my point of view expresses earlier in the post (Deep bore well design and Rainwater Harvesting) and subsequent solutions that I offered as an alternative to deep borewell technology (Rain Water Harvesting- Deep Borewell Design and Its Alternative), I would like to share my idea further to carry out the same in any city or a highway. While adopting these concept we can be assured of the following:

1. Been Implementable without any additional money / budget for groundwater recharge / rainwater harvesting. Rather it would save on the raw material such as cement and crushed stone.

2. Easily maintainable: 

  • No fear of obnoxious gases, thus jeopardizing the life of cleaners. 
  • No Specialized skill set needed for the cleaners.
  • No need to create special access like the one needed in deep bore-well technology in which the wells are dug fairly deep.

3. Prevention of Floodings of the roads. 

4. No Specialised agency needed to implement it, as it becomes the part of the storm water drain itself.

Hope that the shared video (Rainwater Harvesting In City Roads) would commence the brainstorming among all the stakeholders to make our cities more sustainable for future living.

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