5 best places to use the harvested rainwater

 Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is known to be the purest form of water available to us. As it requires minimum treatment before use as compared to other sources, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

When we plan to incorporate the same in our house, the primary factor that needs attention is where we are planning to use it. This factor allows us to plan the system of the water flow accordingly.

There are numerous uses of rainwater and you can decide which option best suits you.

The most common and the best use of rainwater is for irrigation. Again, as already said, it is the purest form of water which have minimum traces of chemicals. It is the best suitable option for plants. It is advisable to not to use tap or fresh water for irrigation. Rainwater maintains the balances of the nutrients of the soils and improves the productivity.


You can also use the rainwater for washing your vehicles. As it does not have chemical traces, the possibility of metal corrosion or decreasing the finish of the paint is minimized.
Other than this you can use the harvested water to wash the pavements, portico, outdoor parking area and so on.


In fact, we have more options to use the rainwater indoors. The daily usage for toilets, washing utensil, laundry and bathing accounts for 60-70% of freshwater. But if we give a closer thought most of the activities do not require fresh water or drinking water. These activities can be furnished by harvested rainwater

You can use the harvested rainwater for the toilets. Other than saving the fresh or drinking water, it also helps to keep the taps and valves clean and corrosion free as it lack salt responsible for the same.


If you use the same for the laundry, it being the soft water will require less of soap and do not leave traces of the salt on the clothes. This lead to less need of water for cleaning the laundry.

But for bathing or any other purpose that requires consumption or contact, it must be treated with approved chemicals. This will neutralize the effects of the chemical traces available in the water thus making it usable.

However for safety reasons it is still advisable to use some purification method before using the harvested rainwater for uses like dishwashing or bathing. The popular choices for the treatment is UV treatment with carbon filter. These units are easy to install and requires less maintenance and will ensure that the water thus received it pure and safe for use.

Once you are done with planning to use the rainwater, the next you can easily plan the plumbing system according the requirement. The rainwater harvesting is easily integrated with greywater and blackwater management for water recycling, efficiency and self-sustainability with respect of water.

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